ASMD – Fanciful Pop or Something more substantial

Venus Parade Venus Parade

A Singer Must Die is – Manuel Ferrer (Vocals), Manuel Bichon (Guitar/Bass/bvox), Romy Marx (Guitar), Olivier Bucquet (Bass/Sax/Keyboard/bvox), Emilie Buttazzoni (Vibraphone/Keyboard) and Regis Martel (Drums)

Line up - A Singer Must Die Line up – A Singer Must Die

The band hail from France with their new album ‘Venus Parade’

The group have been around for a while in various guises and have resurfaced with a new 6 piece ensemble. The album is composed of a mixed bag tricks consisting of seven tracks. This is not your typical run-of-the-mill album. Don’t expect the songs to fit into a neat, pigeon holed genre. This album is a celebration of creativity and freedom of musical expression. Lyricist and Singer, Manuel Ferrer & Composer, Manuel Bichon have brewed a cocktail of theatre and dance-hall musical in an Indie rapper. They have gone where no band has dared to venture and lived to tell the tail. Come and take a ride on this Mary Poppins extravaganza.

Back cover artwork Back cover artwork

1. Opening Night – is a slow paced sombre instrumental. Gradually building the arrangement to a point where before you know it, the song ends. Not sure if this works as an opening track, but if it were played at the beginning of a would give you time to get into your seat to watch and enjoy the rest of the show.

2. Smokey Mourners – is a mid-paced Indie track. Manuel F’s accent is distinct here, but this does not take away from the smoothness of the arrangement. The airiness of the song allows Manuel’s’ vocals to breathe life into the song. Catchy but not overwhelming, one of my favourites from the album.

3. Black Limo – ups the tempo a touch, but the vocal is lost a little behind the accent. I wish I had the lyrics sheet to verify what Manuel was supposed to be saying here. Shame really, because the song has quite a Glastonbury ‘Hippy’ feel about it.

4. Still Worlds – opens like a UFO taking off just after abduction. After that the vocals kick in and are much clearer on this and the voice really suite the song. Love the violins in this track, it builds quite nicely and the arrangement is very compact and quite beautiful.

5. Sordid Tango – has some sweet metronomic violins guiding you through a powerful anthem. I just realised how neatly produced these songs are. The musicians all know their roles and Manuel does a fine job leading the song.

6. Fell Foot Wood – is my favourite song by a mile. It’s catchy, punchy with a space cadet of a lead guitar accompanying the lead vocal.

7. By The Dawn of Monday – slows us right down and brings the set to a close. Love the military drummer boy feel to this song. It has a very catchy orchestration that keeps you locked in right to the end.

Love them or not, A Singer Must Die will stay in your mind and in your soul long after many other pretenders are but a long, distant memory. I can’t wait to hear what the next instalment will bestow upon us.

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